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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Philosophy

We aspire to be corporate with love – one that is continually aware of any impact that our business activities or actions may have on the environment, consumers, visitor, tourist as well as the needs of the underprivileged around us. The Shore Oceanarium believe that by integrating social responsibility throughout an organisation and getting our team to work cohesively together on these initiatives, we bring benefits to the community and to ourselves.

Community Outreach

Since it’s open Dec 2014 till up to date Nov 2015, the corporate had donates more than 40,000 pcs ticket worth retail value of more than RM800, 000 for different school & specific charities. The Shore Oceanarium also working with hard different NGO for more CSR work under philosophy"From Society to Society". These CSR work not only provide opportunity for the students to have education tour outside the classroom , also provide them a way to raising charity fund from selling the Oceanarium Ticket which donate to them in their school expo & fund raising campaign. 

Environment Policy


Preserving the environment is necessary for the long-term sustainability of our business. While creating value in our business, we aim to minimize the impact of our activities have on the environment. While other aquarium in Malaysia still rely on the nature seawater & imported sea salt, our aquarium R & D team had already hold own research formula to establishing completely artificial marine saltwater from raw material chemical. We strive to preserve and recycle our natural resources, such as sea water, freshwater supply and in our daily activities innvertor water pump & fully automatic filtration had being use in setting up tourist attraction public aquarium as a result to minimize the water pollution which discharged from the Oceanarium. Biotech product such as EM or Effective microorganism had also being used to treat our aquarium water before water being discharge.


In order to minimize the impact to the environment, The Shore Oceanarium create its landscape with mostly artificial coral & artificial tree. Our operations are also compliant with the standards set out by the United Nations' Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

As the world opened its eyes to the need to reduce its energy consumption & efficiency of work. The company had striven keeping its technology up to date by working together with international supplier as another consideration to reduce the operation cost on running the aquarium business; latest LED aquarium light had been adopted by the Oceanarium premises.