@ Malacca River



The Shore Oceanarium is the first aquarium in Malaysia to bring you the 3D experience on your visit.

( 3D glasses needed to view the sample discription below )

It's taking the learning journey to the next dimension. With 3-D glasses you will be able to have “Like Real Vision” of different places and species. Such as you can see the Mangrove Tree in Malacca River, Pahang Rainforest, Sungai Perak in 3D, fossil stone in 3D and some extinct fish species in 3D light board display. Starting June 2015 the management had obtain copyright of a documentary movie " A turtle's Adventure" in HD 3D to be played in the Oceanarium. Now the this Documentary 3D movie had further upgrade to 3D Plus Cinematic Enhanced Experience with special effect of Wind, Bubble, Lightning, Smoke......& other special effects (**Terms & Conditions Apply)